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The only sales engagement platform that makes prospecting easy

Outplay is a sales engagement platform that every growing sales team needs. Prospecting via multiple channels used to be a daunting task, but not any longer. Outplay's sales engagement platform makes multi-channel outreach affordable and simple.

A multi-channel strategy including email, voicemail, and LinkedIn InMail is used by 80% of high-growth sales teams. Due to the presence of buyers across various channels, the days of relying simply on a single channel to generate leads have passed.

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Benefits of Outplay

Outplay can assist you in making your prospecting more effective and meaningful.

● The software allows you to create a sequence using a combination of email, phone, SMS, LinkedIn, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

● Improve the efficiency of the lead flow from your website forms into Outplay. In addition, you can incorporate leads from LinkedIn and Gmail into your sequences by using the free Chrome extension.

● Using Outplay, you can embed your calendar into emails and keep tabs on prospect behavior through the link and open tracking.

● Finally, you can save your work using the deep integration features to prevent information loss.  

Who is it Useful for?

These are some reasons why you should consider using Outplay if you are a business owner:

● When prospecting for excellent leads, relying on one channel may restrict your reach and lower your ability to meet your quota.

● You don't spread your outreach across a variety of communication channels, which contributes to your low response rate.

● You are unable to transition to a new channel for your clientele while still adapting to your sales techniques. This is a warning sign for you since one of your rivals might take your spot.

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Integration Services Offered by Us

Launch & Optimization

Whether you are considering adding Outplay as your sales engagement solution or already purchased a subscription, we can help you integrate an setup and optimize your system affordably.

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Your system is install but you want to understand how to use the features much more effectively. We can create training and train your team as needed. Let us help.

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Monthly Support

Need expert help maintaining your Outplay customization of your system, but don't want to hire someone full time, we've got you covered. Either for ongoing as needed support or just for a short period to help with configuration. We can help.

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Sales automation that helps you scale


Pipe inbound leads from your website forms into Outplay, and download our free Chrome extension to move leads from Gmail and LinkedIn into your sequences with a click. It’s never been easier to build a list of prospects who actually want to talk to you.


With Outplay, your sales sequences can include any combination of Email, Phone, SMS, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Video, and Website chat. Eliminate busy work by automating your sales process with Triggers. Auto-update prospects’ journey with Dynamic Sequencing. Don’t stop there, recycle or revisit your ICP at a later point in time and close the deal.


Insert meeting slots into emails and embed a calendar on your website to get those meetings booked instantly. Loose no time in connecting prospects to an available rep with round-robin scheduling. Make booking meeting truly hassle-free.


Use reports to discover your best sequences, salespeople, and teams. Use this insight to duplicate what’s working and fix what isn’t. Then inject some good-hearted competition into your sales team with leaderboards. Shine the spotlight on your best performers (however you define it) and best outreach sequences.

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